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Resident Evil 6 Pokawa download

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Resident Evil 6 Pokawa download

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6


Resident Evil 6-RELOADED

Resident Evil 6 (c) Capcom

03/2013: ….. PROTECTION …….: Steam

1: ………. DISC (S) .. ……..: Action, Adventure

Resident Evil 6 promises to be

dramatic experience of the horrors of 2013. Resident Evil favorite Leon S. Kennedy,

Chris Redfield and Ada Wong join the new characters, including Jake

Mueller to resistnew horror, very fatal virus C, such as narrative

moving between North America, which was ruined by the state of Edonia, Eastern Europe

and the Chinesecity of Lanshan.

With four different storylines, yet intertwining, each with his partner

mainhero playing solo or co-op, both offline and online, not only

Will Resident Evil 6 provides different perspectives and game styles

But with the introduction of innovative crossover mechanics, players will do this

can work together and share horror. In important moments, when the gameprogresses, up

All four players can unite on the Internet to solve specific situations, while

Several stages of consideration ofregular partnerships for further improvement

deep gameplay


Horror on a global scale Is no longer limitedspecific places

the outbreak of the C virus all over the world with actions

North America, Eastern Europe and the most expansive living evil in China

game to date – Feel the horror through four different, but related things


* Solo or cooperative game Resident Evil 6 givessingles and two players

mengurunggameplay both offline and online (although there the Ada Wong campaign

only oneplayer)

* Play on your way Use skill points to improve your character

higher recharge speed, increased weapon power or better healththrough

Character Skill System

* Mercenaries come back Players can enjoy again

Popular mercenary mode

* 7 additional steps for additional content mode- Previously available

for purchase as a DLC for the console version, there are 7 additional steps

includesas standard on a PC. * This stage is not blocked


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